Benefits for Montgomery County & Beyond

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Gem City Solar is more than a long-term goal for sustainable power, it’s a series of win-wins that bring more money to the Dayton and Trotwood communities while providing clean energy. Increased local and state tax revenue will bring in millions of dollars for schools, government services, and public infrastructure that will improve the quality of life for everyone. Gem City Solar is projected to bring the following economic opportunities to Montgomery County over the anticipated 35-year life of the project:

$12.25 Million dollars

in additional property tax revenue

$7 Million dollars

to the Trotwood-Madison CSD

$2 Million dollars

to Montgomery County


to the Miami Valley Career Tech Center


to Sinclair Community College


to the Dayton Metro Library


to the Five Rivers MetroParks District
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Creating More Usable Space in the Community
Solar energy can be harvested from the sun much like any other resource. With safe technology that simply captures sunlight, an already existing element that’s free and abundant, there are no complicated moving parts. The panels are set up into arrays on land that is not being used for anything else, meaning there is no competition for space. Another added benefit is that solar panels do not require water, which allows more resources to be shared among the community.

Solar empowers citizens to get their energy from a cleaner source and do their duty in helping to fight against climate change, without changing their own lifestyle at all. In return, the community is rewarded with reliable, affordable clean energy and consistent funding for schools, government organizations, and essential infrastructure.

A Brighter and Greener Landscape

Solar provides a more affordable long-term solution for energy needs. In addition to reducing reliance on significantly more expensive carbon-based fuels, it greatly benefits the land, air, and water. This makes for healthier humans, animals, and the environment. While coal and natural gas produce greenhouse gasses, toxic heavy metals, and particulate matter that can make people very sick, solar produces zero byproducts.