Image of solar panels

About Gem City Solar

Project Specs

Gem City Solar is a 49.9 MW solar park that will be built on roughly 300 acres of private land in Montgomery County, Ohio. 

Gem City Solar is a community partner, bringing affordable clean energy while at the same time helping to fund education, government projects, and the infrastructure to build a community that locals love living in.

In addition to supplying power for Montgomery County and beyond to help meet climate goals, Gem City Solar will contribute an estimated $12.25 million dollars in additional property tax revenue over the anticipated 35-year life of the project. These funds will go toward essential community functions, such as ~$7 million dollars that will directly benefit the Trotwood-Madison City School District, as well as $3.5 million dollars to benefit Montgomery County and City of Dayton projects.

A True Community Partner

Montgomery County deserves a chance for a cleaner, healthier environment. Beyond the sustainability of the environment, Gem City Solar aims to partner with the community in many ways, including benefiting current and future generations of Montgomery County who will attend public schools infused with money generated by the sun.

It’s a forward-thinking way of capturing already existing resources and distributing them to every community member in the form of better infrastructure and greater access to better-funded community resources like libraries, the fire department, the parks, the Miami Valley Career Tech Center and Sinclair Community College.

For anyone who’s ever dreamed there’s a better life out there that’s just within your grasp, we’re here to tell you that yes, we believe in you. Yes, we can achieve that together, as a community built better through the power of solar.

Our Mission

TED Renewables develops renewable energy projects across the United States, with a particular focus on helping communities that want to harness the power of the sun to deliver sustainable, long-term economic benefits to local families.

America has a proud history of turning natural resources like the land, water, and sun into products with economic value. Solar projects build on this long-standing tradition, delivering reliable, predictable income to landowners without requiring water or being affected by drought or other extreme weather events.