A Brighter Future for Montgomery County

By partnering with the entire community to fulfill Dayton’s desire to be a clean energy leader, Gem City Solar will help Dayton secure its future legacy.

Located adjacent to transmission on land currently designated for development, the solar park will generate millions of dollars in much-needed local and state tax revenue, help fulfill the city’s sustainability strategy and climate policy, create good-paying long-term jobs, and deliver cash flow into the Trotwood-Madison City School District to help educate and empower the next generation.

Image of solar panels

Local Economic Benefits

150-200 Jobs
Construction jobs created, plus long-term jobs after completion
Additional property tax revenue over 35-year anticipated project life
To the Trotwood-Madison City School District over 35-year project life
To benefit Montgomery County and the City of Dayton over 35-year project life

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is solar noisy?
What are the visual impacts of solar?
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